Originally this site was setup to give users tips on the ‘Goals Galore‘ market from Betfred. Since then we have grown to give general football tips and in mid 2015 we decided to remove any restrictions on the tips we give out so launched as Odds Junkie a general tipping site but concentrating on giving out the best value offers from the bookies as well as advice on matched betting and generally taking advantage of any offers the bookies have going. Unlike others we don’t just concentrate on new player signup bonuses but also existing player offers which can be worth £100s


Need Help with a Bookie on this site?
If you ever run in to a problem with a bookmaker on this site and you have signed up through the link on this site I am here to help 😉 simply use the contact form and I will try and assist you with any issues you have, you must however contact their customer support for  all account related issues, if you ever have problems getting paid out or feel you were cheated in some way I will do my best to help you out. You must however have signed up through the link on this site so you are tagged to me. However 99.9% of the time you will never have a problem with any bookmakers listed on this site, I only list 100% reputable bookmakers which I personally play at on  a regular basis.

Guest Posting
I happily accept guests posts from users wanting to post their reviews or predictions on a match. However, I don’t accept posts from SEO agencies or website just wanting to drop a link.

Paid listings on this site

Most casino/gambling sites may end up paying me a commission if you signup to their sites via links on this website. However, I always publish my own true opinion on each casino group regardless of wether I get paid or not. You should know that most sites on the internet operate this way, especially if you use twitter you will see lots of so called ‘tipsters’ offering  special bets if you signup via there website. These people all make commission of their followers and purposely post losing tips in order to gain more commission. On Oddsjunkie we post our own opinions on sports betting events and rarely, if ever, prompt you on where to place these bets so we have no financial incentive to give bad tips. Always take the advice of tipsters (especially on social media) with a big grain of salt.

any questions? email me 🙂

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