Big Top Tombola

If circus themed slots with big progressive jackpots are your thing then you cant go far wrong with ‘Big Top Tombola’ :p The current progressive jackpot stands at an impressive £1.2m if you bet the full £100/spin. Ofcourse for most people betting £100spin is far to much so to keep things as fair as possible you will win a %  of the jackpot depending on how much you bet. The min spin is 20c which awards 0.2% of the jackpot total.

The wild top symbol replaces all other symbols and pays the max amount on that line. Get 5 of these in a row and win the jackpot!

The golden ticket symbols is a pick a box style round. You can win up to 1,000x your bet.

The base game isn’t overly fun as there are no free spin rounds and asides from the golden ticket round (which is nothing unique) there is nothing that stands out about the game. However the jackpot is bigger than most other games so may be one of the progressive jackpot hunters!)

Where to play

Big Top Tombola can be played at bet36 with a 100% deposit match up to £100. It is a great place to win a big jackpot as you can be assured of a quick payout.

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