Fairest of Them All

With a tasty Jackpot of over £600,000 and multiple bonus rounds this is a great game to play for jackpot chasers. The full progressive jackpot can be won by anyone, no matter how much you are betting but those betting more are  more likely to access the bonus rounds which payout the big jackpot! This game is yet another fairy tale themed game which seems to be pretty popular these days, despite being rather childish in my opinion. If you can get over this then Fairest of them all is a great slot to play.

In Game Features

To spice up the base game (ie not the bonus rounds) fairest of them all has several enhancements that popup occasional including respins which replace loosing lines with winning ones, stacked wilds, spin multipliers and random cash awards.

Progressive Jackpot Win

The massive jackpot can be won in one of three ways including
In the main game if the princess summons the prince with magic dust? you win!
If the prince appears picking up a mine cart? You win!
If the princes face appears in the mirror during free spins? You win!

Mine bonus

This bonus round is a progressive bonus round, simply climb up the pay ladder and increase your multiplier. The bonus game pays out extra pay jumps, bonus multipliers and extra miners (giving you even more chances to climb the pay ladder!)

Free Spins

The free spins symbol on reels 2,4 and 5 will activate this bonus round. During the free spins you can win extra multiplier and even up to 100 bonus spins!


Where to play Fairest of them All

When playing for such a massive jackpot you want to hit it somewhere that will pay you quickly and with no hassles! Bet365 is the worlds largest betting company and for them paying out a £600,000 is easy (and they do it often). Don’t risk winning huge jackpots at small operations!

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