George and the Dragon

George and The Dragon is a medieval themed slot with Cartoon like Graphics. It features exploding symbols which means every time you hit a winning payline the symbols above tumble down and fall in to their place, this means you can keep winning and winning from a single spin. You can bet anything from 25p a spin to £50, winners betting more will win more of the jackpot with those betting the max winning the entire amount (currently over £400,000)

Dragon Bonus

By hitting the symbol on reels 1,3 and 5 you activate the dragons bonus round. This game allows you to progress up a pay ladder by spinning the wheel. The further you make it the more you get paid out with a max payout of 10000x.

Progressive Jackpot

Currently the jackpot stands at £400,000 but in order to hit  the full amount you need to be betting the max possible at £50. Ofcourse this is probably to much to bet on a single spin for most people so to make up for it and to make it as fair as possible people betting less than this will  win a % of the jackpot depending on how much they spin. Players betting 25p a spin will win 0.5% and so on up to £50/spin.

Where should I play?

As always we recommend playing at Bet365. It’s a great place to win a progressive jackpot as they always pay out on time and with top notch customer support. New players get £100 deposit match and you can claim bonuses on bet365 casino too worth £500!

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