What is Goal Rush

What is goal rush from Ladbrokes?
It is just like the typical accumulator betting market but instead of choosing which team you believe will give the other a resounding thrashing, you choose games where you think both teams will score or not. This is a very simple rule. As with the common accumulator bet, the more games you bet on and place on your goals rush coupon, the more chances you have of winning the jackpot.

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How Does The Goal Rush From Ladbrokes Work?
the answer to the question “what is goal rush from Ladbrokes” is more eloquently explained when you know how the goal rush betting market from Ladbrokes works. At the beginning of each week, the company Ladbrokes will give out a list of a series of football games from the scheduled matches in the coming week. Even thought the have a major preference for English football teams and try to keep it that way, there will be times when they will include international fixtures and also football games from foreign leagues depending on the matches’ availability.


Each list will contain around fifty games selected by Ladbrokes from which one will be at liberty to choose from. All you have to do as the player is to select a bare minimum of 3 matches to bet on by putting them onto your gold rush coupon. There more the matches you choose the greater the chances of winning. It is hence advisable to bet on many games in order to increase your chances of winning. Even though the odds tend to vary from game to game, the price on whether both of the teams selected will score or not will be evened out.

When you select “no”, you need a goal from only one of the teams but if you select “yes”, you need a goal from both the teams. Moreover, if just one bet fails to qualify using this criteria, then your bet will most definitely lose. The actual matches’ result is not important for the goal rush betting game, only the criterion needs to be matched for one to win.
As the odds for the Ladbrokes to win and you to lose and vice versa is fifty-fifty the leverage per game is not that much since the profits the owners stand to get are very low. However if you chose the accumulative bet you have a better chance of making a big winning.

Variations Of Ladbrokes’ Goal Rush.
Other bookmakers are developing ways of blending similar concepts as those in Ladbrokes’ goal rush in their own betting market as this betting format has grown wildly in popularity. A similar vice versa version ie betting on “both teams not to score” has began to catch on in the other betting markets.

The Goals Rush Bonus
This is another one of the latest markets that has cropped up due to Ladbrokes’ goal rush called the goals rush bonus market. The concept is identical but the pay outs will vary depending on the matches you bet on and the odds of those markets.



September 29, 2013