Betfred Casino has been around for quite a while and specializes in online gaming.

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The Playfred App

They offer a unique new app called the Playfred casino app which takes the ability to use their casino to a new level. It is free to download and offers live casino software which allows you to participate in gaming online. You actually play against a live dealer so the realism of the app can’t be denied. It offers a wonderful alternative to being there participating live. I also noticed that it is designed to load very quickly. This is a plus because you don’t have to sit and twiddle your thumbs waiting so that you can play. Opening an app which loads slowly always puts me in a bad mood right off the bat and makes it just a little difficult to enjoy it’s features.

Review Playfred

The betfred app is downloadable to your android, iPhone or iPad. You can visit their website in order to access all of the features that they offer. They give a small cash bonus to the new user as an incentive to get him or her to use the app. The very first thing which the app offers is a section to tell you about special events and games. I like it because it provides you with the challenge of trying something different, and if you are not sure of what you want to do it will take you by the hand to lead you through the process.

The Menu

When you open the menu the list of available games opens up as a drop down. They are in alphabetical order so you can either scroll down or go directly to what you have in mind. I would rather scroll through because you will see every possible listing and are free to try any one which strikes your fancy. There is also a live help link to guide you through in case you are having navigation problems or need help understanding how to use one of it’s features. I personally felt that this feature is very special. The betfred app is already conveniently set up and simple to use, but the fact that you can also get live help will probably boost their business. They won’t allow you to get frustrated and quit.

Positive Features

The menu offers a list of current coupons, events, and games. The TV matches tab gives you a list of sports matches happening on the particular day and tells you the channels to look to find them. This is wonderful because it allows you to keep up with games which are important to you regardless of where you are located. You can use it for an extended period of time because it is wifi compatible and uses very little power. It also lists future games so that you can be sure not to miss an upcoming event.
If you follow horseracing you can use the horseracing tab to follow races as they are posted and get results.
You can also access several games from the one app by using the tabs located across the top. You can access, casino, live casino, bingo, poker, and roulette among others. I found this feature to be ultra convenient and have to give the designer a thumbs up on the way that these features are placed within the app, and the ease with which they can be used.
If you are unsure about a game or just want to practice play without spending money you can actually play in the demo mode.


When I review playfred I have to give it a two thumbs up rating. The app is so convenient and easy to use that you will find yourself playing much of the time. The thought of pulling out your mobile device and using this app will come naturally because it will attract and hold your attention. You will love it because you just open it up and play. There is nothing complicated about using it at all. Very highly recommended.